Personal guidance navigating the world of nutrition and fitness.


A coach that personally works with you to help you overcome the biggest barriers to your success.


Teaching you the foods to eat to reach your goals. Your only job is to follow the plan.


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Thanks for shaving over 29 minutes off my last Boston Marathon, Triska!
My nutrition was spot on & I couldn’t have done it without you!

Joel B

(3 Time Boston Marathoner)

I couldn’t have found a healthy, balanced, long-term fitness and nutrition plan without Triska’s coaching and support. She is an incredibly knowledgeable coach and always teaches with a science-based approach. She has compassion and understanding for your journey, but that won’t stop her from pushing you to your limits. 


Triska is amazing at helping you feel motivated and is so encouraging. What I am most grateful to her for is the attention to ensuring  my form is correct and/or helping me to really isolate the specific muscles in the workouts, It has made me more confident and have more efficient workouts.